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How much does it cost?

All photography is different depending on the subject, location, duration, purpose of use, so we agree individually. However, since the lights are important for photography, I don't want you to grope in the dark: the usual hourly rate is 20,000 HUF (this also applies to the duration of photography and post-production), but I usually have package offers.
Even in the lack of a package offer, the expected duration of photography and post-production and the number of edited images to be handed over will be discussed in advance.

In case of property shooting Optimum package (up to 8 rooms in the property) means 5 hours work: photo session and editing. All this would be 100,000 HUF in terms of the hourly rate, but only a discount of 78,000 HUF in the package. 

Ask for an offer for properties larger than average or for business purposes, taking into account the individual circumstances! 

For wedding photography I work with pricing tailored to individual needs and circumstances, so please write what you want and ask for an offer! You can also call for a wedding abroad: Wedding abroad

I created special packages for kitten and dog photography, you can find them here: Cat and dog photo packages

Don’t hesitate to write or say what you want. You can find my contact details in the Contact menu.

It is important that although I ask for the work fee in advance or by paying in cash at the place of photography, if you don't like the photos taken and handed over, I undertake a 15-day money back guarantee!


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