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Kitten photography and dog photography

If you also have a kitten or dog, you know exactly that they are very good photographers. They are beautiful, cute, funny, they give us a reason to capture them a hundred times a day, even with a mobile phone.



Dog photography with Philippines

We photographed Philippines, the most beautiful mix of vizslas in Dunaharaszti, on the banks of the Soroksár-Danube, so that we can get a lens in an environment worthy of his remarkable personality and appearance.


Show jumping photography

We were recently invited to photograph the Magnolia Studio in Dunaharaszti. We photographed the gym, workouts, coaches and other available services such as massage.


Dog photography with Hugo,

With figs and rose

On Easter Monday afternoon, in slightly cloudy weather, but in a very cheerful mood, we photographed the two beautiful Dalmatians, Hugo and Fig, and Rozit, the phenomenal mix.


Wolf Kati concert photography

The programs at this year's Mayan in Dunaharaszti were good :) Check out our photos taken by Wolf Kati!


Fitness studio photography

We took photos on this beautiful, sunny spring Saturday at the show jumping competition of the Mustang Equestrian Club in Dunaharaszti. 

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