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Let's take photos together  Madeira, the island of eternal spring!


If you love to travel and take photos, you're in the right place! :) I'm Zsuzsa Léhner, a lawyer and photographer. Traveling and landscape photography is my passion, and creating these is a photo tour   I merged. I would also like to show you Madeira - the picture on the left was also taken there - surrounded by the masses of water in the Atlantic Ocean.  small jewelry box.  If you are looking for something really special and picturesque, but you are tired of the trite, common destinations, Madeira is your location!


Come with me and a dozen other like-minded travelers who all share with you their passion for breathtaking landscapes and photography. Linda and my local Hungarian tour guide partner will take you to the best places - in many cases hidden, not crowded with tourists - where you can even take a photo of your life.

The famous laurel forest, for example, is worth the trip on its own. This mystical, fairytale forest evolved 65 million years ago. Surviving the ice age alone, it is an invaluable natural asset as the last natural remnant of an extinct plant community, which is why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. By the way  we can feel in it as if we were walking in one of the locations of the Lord of the Rings.

But if you stick with us, you can’t just see beautiful landscapes! Zolixplorer, aka Zoltán Nagy, also accepted my invitation, so he helps me find the best settings at the photo venues and shares useful tips and tricks with us about the masterpieces of landscape photography. However, we know that it is  a really good landscape cannot be lived without a skillful post-production, so in a workshop he introduces us to the material of his course Camera with the World - Creative Post-Work.

By the way, Zoli claims to be a professional traveler, a digital nomad. According to him, like the philosopher St. Augustine, "the world is a book, and he who does not travel reads only one page." And because he is also passionate about traveling and photography, he has become a true expert in landscape photography and related post-production. You will pass on the best of your course in the workshop, which you can read a little further on below.


By the way, at the end of November, Madeira won the title of the Best Island Destination for the 5th time without interruption at the World Travel Awards! Do you need more reasons to see and capture? Don't hesitate for a long time because it's the best  participation fee is only valid until December 31, and the number of participants is limited, only 14 people!  

Surprise yourself or one of your loved ones for Christmas or the joy of the new year! Until 30 December, you will now be able to get to Cristiano Ronaldo's homeland, who was named  airport where we will land.  

Are you a beginner but an avid photographer? It's great, because you can learn the basic settings from Zoli in practice, and you can ask him anything about photography and landscape photography both in the field, where he will be with us for 2 days, and in the indoor workshop.  

Are you advanced, maybe a professional photographer? That's great too, because then for you  you don't have to mess with the basics anymore, you can pay full attention to the stunning scenery and perfect composition. However, in the advanced part of our Photoshop workshop  it can be new knowledge for you too, or just torturous  you can get answers to your questions about the most specific aspects of the post-production.

Would you bring your non-photographer couple, family member, friend with you? No worries! He will also be impressed by the sight. 


When are we going?

April 16-23, 2020

Let's see the program!

Day 1 - Arrival in the capital of Madeira, Funchal, transfer to the hotel, reservation. 

Day 2 - Full day trip to the north-west of Madeira, free program in the evening.

Day 3 - Full day trip to the south west of Madeira, free program in the evening.

Day 4 - Photographer workshop at the hotel  Free program.

Day 5 - Full day trip to the north-east of Madeira, photo rights expansion, free program in the evening.

Day 6 - Full day trip to the south east of Madeira, free program in the evening.

Day 7 - Free program, relaxation, rest on the way home.

Day 8 - Departure, transfer to the airport.

Photo tours

Excursion to northwest Madeira

The stops of the tour touch the  Paúl da Serra Plateau, where we take a cozy stroll through the famous laurel forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and then continue our journey to the famous volcanic lava pools on the north coast, where you can even take a dip in the ocean or lava pool, depending on the weather. After that, our journey takes us back to the hotel via the charming village of São Vicente.  

Excursion to southwest Madeira

The stops of the trip also touch the Camara de Lobos, Ponta do Pargo, the westernmost point of the island, Jardim do Mart, a surfer’s paradise from the picturesque fishing village, Paul do Mart. During the day, we visit a banana plantation and the Cabo Girão cliff, the second highest rock wall on Earth (580 meters) running into the ocean.

Excursion to northeast Madeira

During the tour we will visit the second highest mountain peak of the island, Pico Arieiro (1818 m)  Ribeiro Frio’s native laurel forest and trout farm where we take a short levada walk. We then visit Santana to see the traditional thatched houses.

Excursion to south-east Madeira

During the tour we will visit the statue of Christ in Madeira and then on to the eastern tip of the island, the St. Lawrence Peninsula, where we will see the eastern headland and the spectacular volcanic cliffs stretching for about 8 km. We will also take a short tour here and then end the day in Porto da Cruz.

Physically, none of the hikes are strenuous.

Optional program offers for day 7  and these  expected costs:

  • Boat trip (2 hours): € 45

  • Nordic walking, levada and hiking tours (full day program in Hungarian): € 55 (starts for a minimum of 4 people)

  • Blandy Wine House, wine tasting (Funchal): € 9.5

  • Cable car to the small town of Monte to the mountain and back (Funchal): € 16 (recommended program, we tried it!)

  • Tobacco (sledding on the asphalt): € 25 per person or € 30/2 per person  skip it!)


Zoli 2 for a full day photo trip  he is with us and will keep the first part of his workshop in the field, in practice. On the one hand, we will not switch to photographing the sunset, and on the other hand, we will be talking about the following:

- How do you set up your camera to always have a wonderful end result? Secrets of perfect exposure.

- ISO, shutter speed, depth of field triumvirate.

- Answer your questions.

There will also be information on field imaging in the in-seat workshop:

- Composition rules.

- A few useful pieces of advice, a philosophy that could be of great use to you in the future.


We'll get to the post-production, starting with the basics:

- Edit an image using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Then we get into landscape and city photography  advanced image editing techniques:


- Blending modes.

- Advanced masking techniques.

- Edit a complex image using advanced techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

What to bring?

Since the workshop is mainly about post-production in photoshop, you can gain as much knowledge as possible by bringing a laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop installed with you. The curriculum will, of course, be shown on a projector, but it is  the most effective if in the meantime you  you can also follow the steps on your own machine.  

For landscape photography  useful  the stand as well,  it's good if you can bring your own.  If you have filters, don't leave them at home!

How much does it cost?

795 EUR (+ flight ticket)

(30% by 15 January 2020, 50% by 16-31 January, 100% by 1 February.)

You can find details about the booking, payment schedule and cancellation in the Terms and Conditions.

(To take advantage of the discount, it is sufficient to send us the application form by Dec. 30, after which the deposit must be received as confirmed in the confirmation e-mail and in the Terms and Conditions.)

The price in euros includes:

- accommodation in a 4 * hotel with breakfast in a double room

- 4 full day program: visiting the best photo locations with a tour guide in Hungarian

- Local transfer between the airport and the accommodation and for the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th day programs

- 4 hours workshop in the hotel with Zolixplorer, 2 days of professional help during field photography

In addition, the flight ticket must be paid for at a price of HUF 124,500 if you apply by January 15, 2020.  we can provide (with charge, checked baggage).  

Do you see how many valuable things we put in the package? At such a great price, you wouldn’t be able to get it all even if we were on our way  it would not be completely unique. But that :)

If already  you know you want to come, you can find the Application Form at the bottom of the page!

Here is a photo gallery of our photos taken in Madeira:

Useful information:  

Accommodation: This hotel is a 4-star hotel with a pool in the Lido district of Funchal, close to the beach and the ocean. Accommodation in double rooms with breakfast. Single, triple rooms with sea views and half board are available at an additional cost. (Single surcharge: EUR 35 / person / night, sea view room surcharge: EUR 10 / person / night). If you would bring a non-photographer couple, a friend, there is an opportunity.


Island tours: We plan full day minibus trips,  with light walks combined with comfortable, non-slip (ribbed soles), preferably waterproof hiking boots, raincoats, layered dress, sweater for cooler parts, warmer jacket, sunglasses for hats or sunny parts  cloth is recommended.  The duration of the programs was designed to allow time for longer photography at 1-1 major locations.


Climate: The weather in Madeira is almost always pleasant, with temperatures in the spring around 18-22 ° C during the day in Funchal and on the southern coast of the island, which we feel a little warmer in the sun. As the altitude increases, the temperature decreases, there may even be snow on the high peaks, rain is possible in the mountains at any time, it is worth approx. Expect a temperature of 10 degrees. The expected water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean is 17 ° C.  The time lag compared to Hungary is -1 hour.

Money:  Madeira belongs to Portugal, where  the euro is the official currency. You can find ATMs in several places, but you can pay with a credit card almost everywhere. The price range in Madeira is similar to that in Hungary.


If you have any questions, email

Facebook event of the tour: Madeira Photo Tour

Come, let's see and show others the beauties of distant landscapes! 

The places  they lose weight. Believe me, you don't want to miss it :) Apply now!

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