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Zoom smart

If you already have Zoom, on the page that opens from the shared link, click to open Zoom meetings shortly before you start and wait a bit while we record.


If you haven't used Zoom yet, here's how to download and apply it:


Once you click on the shared link, a window will pop up. Click the "Save File" button:


Once you have downloaded Zoom to your computer, click on the downloads in your browser and select the saved file. (Confirm the program to make changes to your computer).


In the next pop-up window, click the "Open Link" button. After that, accept the policy (click the “I agree” button) and you can enter your name, which will be visible to other people in the conversation.


You can choose to join the conversation with or without video. If you only want to connect to the call by voice, select the “Join without Video” button. You can change this at any time later.


Then click the “Join with Computer Audio” button and you’re in the conversation. 


It's done!  


If you want to turn your voice / video on and off, you can do so at the bottom left: just click the microphone or camera icon.


By clicking on the “Chat” icon, you can send a message or question to the participants in the conversation, while with the Record icon you can record the meeting.


At the end of the webinar, you can leave the conversation with “Leave Meeting”.

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