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Business photography is for you if you want to display and strengthen your company's image, brand, and PR activities with visual tools.  Nowadays few people read long descriptions and detailed introductory texts. But a cozy image, a sympathetic portrayal can generate interest in you and your business in a split second. Not to mention that the professional photos that appear on your website and social media platforms say that you are demanding and that you perform your job to a high standard. 

In the gallery below, I have selected pictures from several business photo shoots. 


In the first gallery, you can see photos taken for the promotion of tourism and hospitality businesses, especially bars.

In the second one, the business portrait gallery, there are pictures of three of my clients. As proof of Regina's versatility, she is not only a talented watercolour painter, but also a virtuoso nail artist. Daniel is a businessman, we made a business portrait shooting at the Marriott Hotel. Tímea is an event organizer and master of ceremonies on the Costa del Sol, the pictures depicting her at work were taken here on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The third gallery contains marketing images of beauty salons. 

Click on the gallery to flip through the pictures!



  • 30-40 minutes of photography in your office or business location

  • 20 edited images

  • Delivery of images in an online gallery within 3 days 

  • Additional images can be edited, 6 EUR/pc


       Price: 140 EUR +VAT




  • 1-1.5 hours of photography in your office, business place or other location of your choice (e.g. outdoors, hotel lobby)

  • 50 edited images

  • Delivery of images in an online gallery within 2 days

  • Additional images can be edited, 5 EUR/pc


       Price: 250 EUR +VAT




  • One 30-40 minutes photo shoot per week (4 per month) in your business place (café, bar, restaurant, beauty salon, etc.) or other location of your choice (e.g. outdoors, hotel lobby)

  • At least 20 edited images on occasion, so that your online interfaces and social media sites can be continuously updated (if you also want Instagram page management, ask for a quote!)

  • Delivery of images online within 1 day


       Price: 360 EUR +VAT

       instead of 600 EUR +VAT!

       (= 4 x Standard package)

       40% discount!



A fenti csomagok tájékoztató jellegűek, természetesen a te vállalkozásodra és igényeidre szabva tudjuk  alakítani őket.



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