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If you have ever seen a home advertisement with pathetic photos, you know how important good pictures are for the sale and pricing of the property. In pictures taken with a mobile phone or even a camera but without enough expertise, the windows burn out and the rest of the room goes dark. Anyway it is often better if the bad photos do not show properly what is in the picture, because it also matters a lot how we compose, what place or hide before pressing the button in order to your apartment appears as the best version of itself and we can arouse the desire of potential buyers for it.  

If you want to sell your house, your apartment, with professional equipment and special expertise, I will take pictures of it that would even stand out in a home culture magazine. You don’t have to worry about whether there will be people interested, and you can also give higher price in your ad. This is true even if you are a real estate agent. You’re an expert of real estates, but probably less so of photography. Believe me, you will sell more houses, flats and holiday homes with professional photos! Your client will be grateful and you will be more successful.

I received this message from the owner regarding the pictures below: "I thought I'd let you know that 5 people signed up to see the apartment in 2 days! In the Facebook group, where I also shared the photos, everyone praises them! Thanks! - Nikoletta" The apartment was soon sold out, after a year of futile attempts with previous mobile photos.

And after my last real estate photo shoot, I received this feedback: "Thank you very much, the pictures are very beautiful :-) I will recommend you if someone is looking for a real estate photographer - Eszter".


You can find information about the prices here: Prices  

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