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Susanna Lehner




It started with me wherever I went, I always photographed what I liked or found interesting: beautiful landscapes, charming old towns, stunning sunsets, an unexpected rainbow on weekdays, a lovely butterfly, a colorful flower. After shoting with the automatic camera and smartphone, it was time to move on, and with professional equipment, after a lot of learning and practice, I could continue photography as a profession. (Number of my official photography certificate: 213069/05/2020.) 

Through the pictures we can better notice how beautiful the world is, I want to show you this by the photos I have taken.

My slogan: Everything to the eye!

I specialize in travel photography (for tourism businesses and travellers, or just so), real estate photography (both indoors and outdoors), wedding and couple photography (engamement, wedding and honeymoon), and pet photography (cat and dog). If you need any of these and you think I’m your person based on my portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact me! If the task requires it, I work with a co-photographer, an assistant.

Visit the TURQUOISE Photo Facebook and Instagram page for more photos, and if you like what you find there, please follow me!  Social media contacts at the bottom of the page.

Ui: Choosing a business name can be associated with my favorite color. :)

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WhatsApp: +36 30 929 7197

Phone: +36 30 929 7197 (Hungary)

             +34 632 20 96 00 (Spain)

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All photos on the site are reserved! Photos contain copyright information in addition to the watermark. Images should not be used without the permission of the copyright owner, and violation of this will result in copyright action. If you have any questions, please contact me at the contact details provided, we will definitely find a suitable solution :).

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