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Cat and dog photography

If you also have a cat or dog, you know exactly that they are very good models. They are beautiful, cute, funny, they give us a reason to capture them a hundred times a day, even with a mobile phone.


They also deserve professional photos

Spontaneous moments captured by owners are also worth and are mostly unrepeatable. However, a series of images created by a photographer with special skills and experiences, professional equipment, lighting, in a picturesque setting or in a studio, perfectly polished with post-production, have a completely different result. These recordings will forever preserve for the family the most characteristic movements and the most captivating gazes of their favorite.

We can have fun moments with the family even years later if we hold the photos of the pets,  but it is also priceless to be able to preserve the memory of our kitten, our dog, who has moved to eternal hunting grounds.  

We also help stray animals with it

Unfortunately, not all dogs and cats are as lucky as our kittens and your pets. Many are homeless and suffering, but we also bear their destiny in our hearts. That’s why we’re verifiably offering 10% of the profits from our kitten-dog photography to one of the animal shelters. If you order a series of pictures of your four-legged buddy from us, you also will be part of the effort to improve the fate of stray kittens and dogs. This way, you will not only delight yourself and your family and friends, but also some of the shelter's creatures!

Here you will find our Cat Photographer Instagram page:

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