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Go to Spain!

Language learning camp for lovers of the Spanish language
and for those planning to move out


Are you considering moving to Spain, especially Andalusia, the Costa del Sol? Is that why you started learning Spanish? Then the language learning camp included with the information package is March 6-15. between is for you! 

You can look around locally, get to know the sights, atmosphere, and lifestyle of the area. You can improve your Spanish in speech-focused language classes taught by a local Hungarian language teacher, so you should come even if your goal is not specifically to change countries.

And in the information package, you will receive 100% reliable information on all important topics: official matters, settlement options, information on buying real estate and everyday practical questions - first-hand, from local Hungarian experts.


In the meantime, you can also relax, take part in organized excursions, do a free program, gather experiences and make friends! Maybe with people who will be able to help you with something during your move, or even be your future business partners, clients, or even friends. 

If you want to move, buy real estate and prepare everything in time in summer or autumn, this is the ideal time.

When is the event?

March 6, 2023-15. 

Minimum number of people to hold the event: 10 people.Maximum number of people: 18 people (including the participants of the Information Days).

Application deadline: February 5, 2023. Details of application and booking can be found below.

Let's see the program!

Day 1 (03.06.) - Arrival by plane in Malaga, transfer to the hotel, booking of accommodation. 

Day 2 (03.07.) - The first language lessons in the morning and afternoon, free program.

Day 3 (03.08.) - Language classes in the morning and afternoon, free program.

Day 4 (03.09.) - Language classes in the morning and afternoon, followed by information from a local Hungarian lawyer on official matters (NIE number, address declaration: empadronamiento, obtaining a resident card, opening a bank account, TB, private health insurance, starting a business, establishing a company, property purchase administration ), he also answers the questions at the end. 

Day 5 (10/03) - Joint trip to Malaga, followed by the second briefing given by our real estate expert on information on renting and buying real estate, and at the end he answers questions.

Day 6 (03.11.) - Language classes in the morning and afternoon, then the third briefing, which an entrepreneur living in Spain for a long time talks about the practical questions of everyday life and his own diverse experiences (among others: entrepreneurship, job search, cost of living, the need for language skills, car-related questions
, etc.), answers to the questions at the end of the information. 

Day 7 (12/03) - Language classes in the morning and afternoon, free program.

Day 8 (13/03) - Full-day excursion to the wonderful Ronda.

Day 9 (03/14) - Language classes in the morning and afternoon, free program.

Day 10 (03/15) - Free program, departure to the airport in the afternoon.

Zsuzsa Léhner - TÜRKIZ Photo captures the events and excursions of the camp for the participants. 



How much does it cost?

1095 EUR/person, but if you decide quickly and book by January 20, it's only 1095 EUR/person, and you can pay this in two installments! (+airline ticket)

The price includes the following:

- accommodation in a 3* beach hotel in Benalmadena, with half board (breakfast and dinner), in a 2-bed room with a balcony. The price applies if someone stays with their partner in a 2-bed room. Single bed stay is extra. 
If you are coming alone and are willing to share a room with someone in order to avoid the single bed surcharge, you can indicate this in the comments on the application form.

- transfer between the airport and the accommodation

- 3 sessions of expert information on all official and unofficial information about moving out and life here, in addition to general information, with answers to specific questions

- excursion to Malaga, as well as entrance tickets to the Alcazaba and ak
to adderal

- trip to Ronda, visiting the cozy main square and old town, the famous Puente Nuevo and the bullfighting museum (with entrance ticket).

- 6x180 minutes, i.e. a total of 18 hours of speech-focused Spanish language instruction and practice.

- "lifestyle" photography during the camp, edited photos and video summary
,delivered afterwards in a digital photo album

The price does not include the flight ticket, which everyone buys individually for the Ryanair flight on March 6th and back on March 15th with the desired luggage and other optional extras (priority boarding, seat, etc.). When you buy your plane ticket, wait until we indicate that the camp will definitely start!

The reservation is January 31, 2023-
is made by paying in advance. When booking60 of the total participation fee - 1,045 euros at a discount until January 20, then 1,095 euros afterwards0 euros must be paid in advance, the remaining amount - 445 euros in the case of a discounted booking, 495 euros otherwise - the deadline for receipt is February 15. for the payment of the participation fee in one sum.  In the case of a reservation after January 31, the entire participation fee must be paid in one lump sum. The exact transfer information will be sent by e-mail after the application form has been received.

Due to the timely arrangement of camp costs, it is possible to refund the advance payment (or the participation fee paid in full) in the event that the camp is canceled due to the lack of the minimum number of participants or for other reasons on the part of the organizers. In that case, of course, we will refund the amounts paid. In case of participant cancellation, the deposit (or the partial amount corresponding to the deposit if the full participation fee has been paid) cannot be refunded, but the amount can be used for participation in a possible next camp.

Photos of the accommodation:

The organizers


I am Zsuzsa Léhner, a passionate traveler, ex-lawyer, photographer, travel consultant and the dreamer of Irány Spain - information days. Spain is an old love for me, i.e. almost everything that is Spanish: the language, the landscapes-cities, the music, the films. In June 2022, I also moved to sunny Spain, and in the process I was confronted with how much information is needed to set foot here. At the same time, it also became clear that this is a really pleasant "habitation" with lots of sunshine, the sea, palm trees and a light atmosphere. As an "owl" type, it is also important for me that here it gets dark later, and life does not end as soon and does not begin as early as in Hungary. All these experiences gave me the idea to help others start a new life in this beautiful country with a pleasant climate. I can also see that it's a great place for real estate investment and two-family living, so the information days are useful for you even if you don't want to move here permanently, but you would still like to open here.

I am Papp Ági. I deal with the distribution and furnishing of newly built and used properties. In the past period, I managed to integrate my previously acquired experience into the Spanish environment. Spain is unique in many ways. Among other things, it has different characteristics in administration and real estate purchases. It is very easy to get lost in the often contradictory information and the non-uniform regulatory system. This is also why I stood by  Zsuzsi's excellent idea, as I like to help people. I have been living away from my country for the 7th year, after Austria I have been strengthening the army of people living on the Costa del Sol since last year. Life here is quite different. The sunlight, the sea, the Spanish people's affirmation of life is completely different from what is usual in Central and Western Europe. They are calm, relaxed and always find a reason to celebrate. Palm trees, parrots, siesta, and here 8 pm is still afternoon!

The language teacher


I am Karola Kalocsai, a Spanish-English teacher with a passion for online teaching and many years of experience, an accredited tour guide, a business communication specialist and an organizer of gastro tours. I have been living in Spain since 2016, I completed my studies at the Cervantes Institute, a cultural institute run by the Kingdom of Spain and an international Spanish language school. After I moved out, I continued to learn the language at the Solingua Instituto and the Centro de Estudios Idea language centers, and then perfected it in everyday life. Of course, in addition to language skills, many other ingredients are necessary for a successful move out and stay here, however, during the information and language camp, in my speaking-focused language classes, we learn and practice a lot of useful situations that can be used well in real life, thus managing daily affairs becomes easier for everyone .

Participant reviews (Information days)

"I got answers to everything I was interested in, the accommodation and the food were absolutely flawless. The video of the time we spent together was great to watch and relive! I feel like I found my place in Spain. I recommend the event to everyone who is interested in a new life opportunity." - St. László

"The whole program was good, we found all the information useful, the farewell evening will remain an eternal experience! We especially recommend the event to those who want to buy real estate here, a lot of useful information was given in this regard. Since then, we have also looked at the pictures taken of the "camp", very they turned out great. Thank you very much for everything!" - R. Imre and Anita

"I was primarily interested in the business opportunity here, and what I learned is absolutely promising, and I have already collected future business partner contacts. Besides, I felt very good, good company came together!" - V. Ps


Places will sell out quickly. Believe me, you don't want to miss this :) Apply now!

We will contact you at the e-mail address provided on the application form to finalize the reservation.

If you have any questions, write to

Private Facebook group for the event:Let's go to Andalusia

If you are only interested in the Information package, it detailsyou can find it here:Go to Spain! Information days

Here is a photo gallery of our photos taken last time. Wouldn't it be nice to keep it with us, and then live here or come here whenever you feel like it? ;) 

Also watch our summary video!by clicking hereyou get to the YouTube interface.

If you would like to be notified of future information days and other similar events (such as a Spanish language camp), please register using the form below. In return, you get ZsuzsiThis is how you hunt for cheap plane tickets his e-book :)

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